After 37 years spent serving the music of numerous labels and record companies, La Buissonne created its own label in 2003 under the management of Gérard de Haro.

All the projects developed are real crushes between the label and the artists. The esthetics, whether musical or graphic, defends essential values:

-to keep the artistic independence of the label and the artists,

-to preserve passion, just like it arose at first.

-to spread a music, a vehicle of pure emotion and humanity far from any commercial concept.

Lot of albums got awards from the press and received international distinctions. Magazines specializing in Jazz, Classical, and other musical styles have won awards for most of the catalogue.

This shows that the label La Buissonne is neither a Jazz label, nor a Classical music label or any other style; it is a MUSIC label.

Since 2013 The Label La Buissonne has offered a new collection named CUICATL

This CUICATL collection managed by Marc Thouvenot and Pascale Berthelot is dedicated to the contemporary music.


In 2019, ECM records integrated the La Buissonne label catalogue in their website.

You can buy an album (physical or digital) directly on our BANDCAMP STORE.